Family Photoshoot | Belair National Park

Well we are back after a bit of a break.
We have been crazy busy in the last couple of weeks, with my little sisters Wedding.
But now that, that's all done and dusted and she is Happily Married, here is a little shoot we have done in March.

Two Beautiful Families!
Such a gorgeous day and such a lovely bunch of people.
They have been friends forever, spanning across a number of continents South Africa, New Zealand and now Australia.

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Mylkappa | Birdwood Wedding Venue

Had a very busy and lovely weekend in February with 2 shoots in 1 day. Which was awesome but pretty exhausting :)

This one was a commercial/wedding shoot we have done for a new venue that has opened up in Birdwood, South Australia - Mylkappa Cellar and Kitchen. A great little winery hidden away in a beautiful rural Birdwood. About 55 minutes from Adelaide CBD, via the stunning scenic drive. Perfect little go to spot, if you desire a lovely drive and then some yummy food and wines at the end :)

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Baby James 1 year cake smash | Adelaide Baby Photography

We are back again after the Silly Season Shenanigans!!! :)
December was a pretty busy month with: Birthdays, Maternity Shoot, Engagement Shoot and 1st Christmas Baby Session we introduced this year. They are still to be uploaded onto our page and blog for you to check out, so keep an eye out :)
This shoot was "The 1st Birthday - Cake Smash" for the little James!

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Marley cake smash | adelaide baby photography

An awesome little "Cake Smash Shoot" we have done for the gorgeous boy MARLEY!
So much fun and so much joy, the whole event was an absolute pleasure to be a part of!!!
His beautiful mummy, made a perfect cake, that Baby Marley, was more than happy to demolish :) Which made for some great and fun shots to be treasured by the whole family!
The cake smash followed on by the "Bath Shoot", as we really did need to wash the birthday boy from all that cake :D

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Baby Hudson | Adelaide newborn photography

And then there was Hudson!!! And so a few days after the Maternity shoot with Jess and Jake, the little fellow decided it was time to meet the world!!
And we got to meet him, when he was just 11 days young! And what a gorgeous little boy he is!!! Perfect little baby, slept nearly through the whole sessions, apart from some little sneaks we got with him being awake!
Perfect little boy for mummy and daddy!

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Baby marley 6 months | Adelaide baby photography

Another Baby Shoot with the gorgeous boy! This is a 6 motnsh shoot, a sitting shoot!!
And the theme, as you have probably guessed, was "Baby Chef"!!!! You see, both of Marley's parents are chefs, so we thought that this theme was very fitting :)
And what a marvelous shoot it turned out to be!! So much colour and vibrance. So much fun and games!! And so much vegetables!!! :)
Absolute perfect little family memory to keep for years to come!!!

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