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Wedding Videography

Tim Baroff

Film Maker, Editor and Photographer since 2001, Tim Baroff started his career as a wedding videographer and made more than 800 wedding videos around the world since then. With his creativity and passion for filming, he moved to TV programs and movies production as a full-time job. But weddings are still a special part of Tim’s life, where he can implement creative ideas and out of the box vision, empowered by outstanding technical skills, to ensure everything runs smoothly to deliver the product of highest quality.

With friendly and easy going but polite and tactful attitude to everyone, he makes you feel light and natural, that simultaneously leads to a perfect result. Photographers and videographers love to work with Tim, creating a good team – sharing ideas and effective communication between these two is one of the most important parts of the successful event and happy bride and groom eventually.

Tim is a very energetic person who miraculously is everywhere at the same time and captures every special moment of Your Wedding Day.

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Wedding Videography

Scarlet Studios

Michael Waxman from Scarlet Studios loves making amazing wedding videos. After 15+ years, 100’s of weddings, 30+ per year he is still constantly innovating with new techniques, cameras and adding extras to push the limits of what’s possible in a wedding video.

When filming he is relaxed, fun, easy going and is very discreet when needed. He films and edit all his videos in a style that has been described as elegant, emotional, cinematic and stunning.

He is nicknamed stealth for his ninja like skills with the camera, he is fast and discrete as he likes to get natural spontaneous shots. He is good at blending into the guests and putting even the most camera shy groom at ease.

He specialises in drone video. How cool would it be to get a drone filming your wedding? The guys will love it, especially if they have special cars or bikes on the day.

Check out his videos on his website.

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